That valuable element that makes us humans. To hold on a to a certain emotion at
a certain point in space and time, that is what Shoudit is all about. The concept of Shoudit is
based on voice messaging. I was asked to design a logo for this concept.


The Shoudit logo wasn't an easy task. Shoudit revolves around voice messaging and because the initial approach of sketching microphones didn't stick, I focussed on three things: 1.How to visualize voice / 2.How to visualize a microphone, without making it corny / 3.How to integrate and visualize the previous two points and add human emotion. After finding the right logo design I looked for the right fontface. The Telefon font had all the character traits of a modern font that fitted the logo perfectly.

Logo brainstorming 

Outlined logo with Telefon fontface

The logo on different backgrounds and other setups