My Ministars web & app


It's all about the magical moments of parents and their kids. 
With the My Ministars app you can capture those moments and create a beautiful photo book, directly from within the app. I partly did the design for the app and fully the UX/UI/Design for the site.   


Startup My Ministars approached us to create an app where young parents could make a photo album of their little one(s). The app makes it possible to collect photos, share albums and buying a physical album of your ministars. I was partly involved in the design of the app. I designed serveral screens/assets based on the ux and the already existing design. 

When the app almost reached completion it was time for a website to promote it. I wanted a website that felt as a whole with the app, but also with a focus on it's main features. Animation and color had to be part of the experience. I came up with a 'one pager' that changed content, features and colors as soon as the user started scrolling it. It simply had to feel like a story with a happy ending at the last chapter. That same experience had to be felt when browsing the site on your mobile phone. Seeing a happy client reminded me that I nailed my job to create something special.

My Ministars - Desktop / Mobile