After winning a pitch that Telegraaf Media Group invited us for, they asked us to
design and build a self service platform for their subscribers. The mainly elderly subscribers will 
experience the benefits of managing their own subscriptions and more online.  


Our vision on the visual style of the self service platform is that it has to be familiar with other De Telegraaf products. It had to feel like a next of kin of the existing products. We came up with the purple color. That colour fitted the existing color scheme perfectly and gave the platform it's own identity. Other colors that fitted the identity helped the user to understand the interactive elements. The icons were custom made to represent the services on the self service platform.

The layout on the platform is leaning on the flat design trend because of it's clarity and simplicity. For the majority of layouts on the platform we devided them in two parts. The left side of the layout informed the user about the content. The right side was specially set up for transactional actions.

The project itself took a few months to complete. A lot of desktop and mobile psd's were made. We worked together with frontend-, backend developers and business people from De Telegraaf. All together we worked according the scrum method. 

Smart Calender

The smart calender let's you select the begin and end date in one screen. We wanted less distraction when selecting dates, and one less inputfield to fill in. The UI of the widget had to feel intiuitve. It was a challenge to get it right for the user to understand it's displayed information. Most of the target group understood how to work the calender, so a job well done.

One of the iterations of the calender for mobile.

One of the many mobile designs. Shown above is the subscriptions layout. 

Iteration of the subscription overview