Holland Logistics Library is a toolbox for logistic representatives who 
want to attract logistical flows or promote Dutch logistic knowledge. 
The platform was part of a bigger campaign and was 
officially announced in the Amsterdam Arena.  


The platform was a collaboration with Amsterdam soil / Ministry of Economics / Topsector logistiek. With a tight deadline ahead we managed to create a beautiful toolkit for mainly representatives from Holland.

The toolkit has several categories/ resources such as: images, video, presentations and topics. To make these resources visually attractive and distinctive we came up with a colors per resource. Representatives can use the toolkit to complete their story or presentation by downloading the relevent resource(s). That project itself  was for 60% focussed on the UX and the other 40% on designing the main style. UI elements like the cards got many iterations before they met it's final form. I was involved with getting the UX right but my main focus was to design the general style / general UI. 

Iterations of the 'cards' and the final card designs

Resource page: image resource displayed above.

User environment: Dashboard

Official launch of the campaign and Holland Logistics Library